Coronavirus Is Claiming More Toilet Paper Meme Than Actual Lives

Coronavirus Is Claiming More Toilet Paper Meme Than Actual Lives

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme

While the world’s economy is taking a downturn because of the Coronavirus pandemic, there are actually a few industries that are making it in the banks. One such industry is the Toilet Paper industry. Today, we have collected a few Coronavirus Jokes & Meme from Reddit for you guys!

People are purchasing toilet papers more than the stocks of many blue-chip companies that are on sale at the moment. It won’t be difficult to understand how Coronavirus is claiming several toilet paper meme than the actual human lives!

Being in quarantine because of coronavirus can get a little exasperating although staying at our home all day long getting to do nothing and just enjoy some toilet paper meme is like a leisure activity for some of us introverts. Many late-night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers brought their show on the home by calling it Corona Quarantine Editions during this quarantine period.

The hosts themselves talk about the problem of toilet paper we facing right now. Even on the local, new,s, we get to see that people are coming to a small town just to shop since many items but especially toilet rolls are still there in stock.


Toilet paper industry is worth $31 billion per year so from sudden increase of sales in this past month. So, we all can probably assume in how much profit these companies might be in all because of coronavirus. So this situation probably demands for some quality toilet paper meme. While many of us are turning to online shops for more toilet rolls so that we aren’t caught short on it.

But as it turns out many of these sites are scam and won’t deliver our rolls at all. So we all can assume that they are making business of their own by taking $10 per single roll and yet not delivering it. We all wish what kind of virus those people should get, don’t we? Not only toilet papers but also sales in bidets has increased drastically since all we need is hygiene.

Because of coronavirus we all are facing some scarcity where desperate residents are seen using shredded T-shirts in the absence of toilet paper but for sure it ended up wiping out a sewer line which is a meme content on its own. While some have started washing it with water rather than wiping with paper.

People are also getting creative by cutting paper towels into halves and using it where as some using wet wipes. Only if we had these kind of surviving skills we would be able to survive any kind of apocalypse or even some bad meme trend.

With the great panic comes the great meme. Like corona virus jokes and memes were not enough to literally make us laugh our ass off, this toilet paper panic memes are all we need to make us laugh even more during these boring self-quarantined period.

With this topic trending all over socials like TikTok, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram we can see people fighting at stores and some dumb people panic dialing 911 all just for some toilet rolls are the things that helps us from panicking from the worldwide pandemic we all are facing right now and enjoy for awhile.

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme Pictures

So scroll through some of the toilet paper panic memes down below that you might fancy:


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme office



Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme star wars baby yoda


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme star wars


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme anime


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme drake


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme ad


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme cartoon


 Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme twitter


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme


Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme



Coronavirus Toilet Paper Meme

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